December 2nd, 2009

  • meskhi

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Is that unique socio/cultural/psychological phenom "tbiliseli" in danger of complete extinction? Are we the vanishing breed of people who lived by moral and ethical codes the likes of which cannot be found anywhere in the world? I can appreciate change as good as any other fellow, but without a rational dose of conservatism especially in the domain of high culture there is no continuity as a prerequisite for survival, and who can coherently and confidently justify the validity of the metamorphosis from the republic of poets, thinkers, and musicians to a republic of goods and services? Who forcefully can defend total secularization and bastardization of the essence of life, who can claim that the world of the spectacle, illusion, and virtual reality is worth more than one line from Galaktion or Pushkin? Instead of becoming a venue for international reserach into harmony of multiethnicity and intermarriage of cultures, the place has become the playground of petty politicking and rampant individualism unheard of even in the most advanced neoliberal societies. It's quite disturbing that in view of momentous events in the last few years those aspiring to join the western country club are fantastically ignorant of the legacy of the Western civilization and its true meaning, parrots spewing out platitudes and gorging on empty cliches. In my travels round the world (as much as money and time allowed, but mostly money) I've felt affinity with two or three places in France,Italy and New Orleans before Catrina. Batono Slava, in New Orleans even the streetcars looked exactly like the old Tbilisi trams of the 40s and 50s. And yet there's no other place for me like the sidewalks on you video, crooked, crumbling walls, laundry flapping in the breeze, mysterious doorways, and inside the apartments - mysterious, unusual people exchanging extraordinary stories, drinking, singing, meditating... Could it be that our own Don Qiuhote who was fighting windmills has morphed into the miller (metziskvile) from Data Tutashkhiia?
Ilia Toumadjanov